Our Modern & Custom Collection rugs are hand-woven in Tibetan wool, which has a very high lanolin oil content. This natural oil in the wool works as a soil and stain resistant all on its own but to maintain the beauty of your new Warp & Weft modern rug for years to come, we recommend the following tips.

General Care: Always have padding under the rug. Using a high quality rubber padding under the rug will prevent it from slippage while also protecting the knots from any damage or loosening due to constant pressure. Vacuum frequently to remove excess lint that will pill in the first few months. For areas that are highly exposed to sunlight we recommend turning the carpet every year or two to even the softening of colors and/or traffic patterns.

Stains: When a spill occurs, immediately blot – do not scrub as it will damage the nap of the carpet – the area with a dry cloth or paper towel following the direction of the pile. If stain remains, apply enough water or club soda to saturate the stained area and continue to press and blot in a lifting motion. If there is a noticeable spot or residue still remaining, mix 1 part mild detergent with 4 parts warm water and using a clean towel gently blot in the solution on the stain. Thoroughly rinse with water to remove traces of detergent and elevate to air dry. For persistent stains please contact us or a certified carpet cleaner for professional cleaning.