Mazandaran Kilim
10' 5" x 12' 3"
Circa 1930
North Persia
Ref no. 2693
Mazandaran  Kilim #1
Mazandaran Kilim
The Mazandaran kilims produced for local use in the Caspian region of Northwest Iran represent one of the most authentic traditions of Persian rug weaving, although their minimalist approach to design often appears strikingly modern in its graphic simplicity.

Here the design consists entirely of irregular horizontal stripes in alternating lighter and dark tones. Each vertical section was woven separately, with the relative width of the horizontal bands determined spontaneously. The various columns were then sewn together and jogged to attain a staggered effect in the bands. As such each of these kilims is somehow unique, despite the fact they tend to use the same design principle. Here the colors are overwhelmingly, and quite unusually, dark, giving the design a richly dramatic effect. But there is more here than meets the eye. Within the dark tonality there are fine tan or gray fibers that create a subtle plaid effect that can only be appreciated in person.