For those clients who appreciate and prize the special qualities that only an antique rug can offer, Warp & Weft has striven to assemble a distinctive collection of the finest pieces available today. Our collection is not extensive. Rather, it is highly selective. Our antique carpets were carefully chosen for the exceptional quality of their design, technique and materials. They represent the very best in terms of condition, rarity and decorative potential.

There is, of course, only a limited number of antique rugs and carpets - those made before 1920 or so. But as in any other artistic genre, there will always be rugs that are notably better and more unusual than others by virtue of their particular combination of design and color. Such excellence is the very essence of decorative beauty, and it is by definition exceptional. Our collection therefore represents the very best carpets among the finite body of antique carpets that survive today. To this already demanding standard, we also add the requirement of condition. Our collection consists primarily of carpets in the very finest condition with minimal and virtually imperceptible repairs, if any.

Despite our highly selective focus, Warp & Weft is nonetheless able to offer its clients a range of different styles to suit a broad spectrum of taste and decorative needs. The selection includes the finest antique Oushak, Sultanabad, Serapi, Bakhshaish, Kerman, Tabriz, and Indo-Persian carpets, to name only a few.