12' 6" x 15' 10"
Circa 1900
North India
Ref no. 2329
Agra #1
Agra - 12' 6" x 15' 10"
This splendid antique Agra ‘Hunting Carpet’ vividly recreates the great court workshop masterpieces of Safavid Persia and Mughal India. Across the field a veritable menagerie inhabits a lush paradise landscape, but one where the lion is still king. Lions pounce upon bulls, deer, and antelope, while smaller animals dart between the flowering plants and shrubberies. Larger trees in black punctuate the composition, along with four vertical cartouches. The main border consists of a diamond palmettes linked by an undulating vinescroll. Minor cloudband borders flank the main one. Not only the design in detail, but the lovely palette of lavender-magenta, gold, green, and navy as well preserve classical Mughal tradition. Rarely do antique Persian and Indian carpets, however finely made, evoke the classical prototypes so ably and effectively.