Fereghan Sarouk
4' x 6' 4"
Circa 1900
Central Persia
Ref no. 47
Fereghan Sarouk #1
Fereghan Sarouk - 4' x 6' 4"
During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Fereghan Sarouk carpets like this constituted some of the most impressive examples of the great revival of classical Persian rug weaving, far more so than the Sarouk carpets of subsequent generations. Here a grand scalloped circular medallion with profuse floral detail floats within a rich ornamental array of sprawling vines and shrubberies, all set against a lovely rose-wine colored field with small ivory corner pieces as an extra accent. Complex floral cartouches make up the main border with flanking minor borders for extra framing emphasis. The lush, lustrous pile provides the perfect complement to the overwhelmingly delicate coloration of soft green, saffron, and ivory tones.