9' x 11' 4"
Circa 1890
North Persia
Ref no. 412
Fereghan #1
Fereghan - 9' x 11' 4"
Though steeped in classical Persian tradition, Fereghan carpets nonetheless have a tendency toward geometric abstraction or stylization more characteristic of tribal or village weaving. As such they represent a perfect balance between the sophisticated, precise design and freer dynamic spontaneity associated with these two poles of rug weaving. Here they consist of a grand ivory medallion with a blue and red core, all brimming with finely wrought angular flowering vine-scrolls. The latter continue into the deep blue-black field around the medallion, which in turn is enclosed by grand red corner pieces with lush arabesque detail in green and ivory. The main border adapts both the color and the design of the field to produce a running vinescroll that frames the field while simultaneously providing a visual unity and consistency for the overall composition.