4' 11 x 8' 2"
Circa 1880
South Persia
Ref no. 2717
Gabbeh #1
Gabbeh - 4' 11 x 8' 2"
Antique Persian Gabbeh’s are known for their thick pile and simple designs, but although the weave of this exceptional piece still identifies it as a Gabbeh, its shorter pile and complex, classically inspired design makes it virtually unique among rugs of this type. The soft apricot field has a lush, relatively naturalistic tree of life, replete with flowers and perching birds. Corner-pieces with parrots round out the field, while an ivory-ground main border of leafy plants in series encloses the entire composition. Thin minor running dog borders in black add the perfect graphic emphasis to the main border. The palette of the rug is soft, but the particular choice of colors, like the design, is exceptionally lovely.