5' 1" x 6' 10"
Circa 1870
Ref no. 4983
Ikat #1
Ikat - 5' 1" x 6' 10"
This boldly elegant antique Uzbek Ikat has a staggered design of feathery diamond palmettes alternating with pairs of halved hooked motifs. The complex design is produced entirely through a bundled tie dyed process as a series of vertical panels then assembled horizontally in the staggered arrangement. The various elements are closely configured so as to produce a secondary pattern in the ivory background. The extra beaded elements linking the hooked motifs in the upper left hand area add a subtle note of surprise and variation, reminding us of the care and thought that the weavers put into these decorative masterpieces. Only three colors are utilized, but the complementary effect of the violet-burgundy with bone-ivory and soft, saffron yellow is nonetheless remarkably pleasing and effective. The photograph cannot do justice to the gently lustrous surface of the fine silk fibers.