3' 11" x 9' 5"
Circa 1880
South Caucasus
Ref no. 111
Karabagh #1
Karabagh - 3' 11" x 9' 5"
Although made in the southern Caucasus, this Karabagh long rug displays an allover pattern with Persian connections - elaborate rosettes strung together as a "mina khani" or lattice pattern. As such it relates to northwest Iranian Kurdish weavings where such patterns with a dark ground color were popular. The use of clear light blues and brilliant burnt oranges here is also reminiscent of Kurdish rugs, as is the blue ground vine-scroll border. But the surrounding minor borders of small flowers, like the technique of the weave, identify this rug as an outstanding piece of south Caucasian weaving. Rugs like this remind us that often weavers of one region could be attracted or influenced by the traditions of neighboring areas.