4' 2" x 6' 2"
Circa 1870
West Caucasus
Ref no. 247
Kazak #1
Kazak - 4' 2" x 6' 2"
Kazak rugs of the southwest Caucasus are highly prized for their balanced combination of bold, graphic design and rich saturated color. This example is no exception. The brilliant blue field, abrushed in shades from a bright sky to deep navy, is dominated by two octagonal medallions containing multi-stepped "Memling guls" derived from early Turkish carpets. Within each gul is a four-part serrated "ashik" containing a scatter of tiny motif. The latter echoes the array of small decorative elements that fill the remainder of the blue field – a border-like frame of eight-pointed stars, various latch-hook motifs, and small rosettes. The entire field is nicely set off by the ivory-ground main border of star rosettes and two minor borders of "running dog" or wave spirals. The adroit, harmonious use of color is most apparent in the way that the border echoes and complements the various shades of blue green, red, yellow, and ivory in the field.