4' 7" x 7' 6"
Circa 1880
Northwest Persia
Ref no. 744
Kurdish #1
Kurdish - 4' 7" x 7' 6"
The antique Kurdish rugs of Persia have only recently begun to be recognized as distinct works among the range of Persian village weaving. Often they display an abstract sensibility that is related to the Caucasian rugs produced further north as we see in this charming example. Here the central medallion with arrowhead finials is reminiscent of Caucasian Kazak and Karabagh rugs. But the large, highly stylized ‘Boteh’ or paisley motifs above and below the medallion, along with the corner-pieces, are pure Persian, as is the relatively spacious, unencumbered tan field. The highly geometric borders with zig-zags and square panels are quite original and unparalleled. But the flair for rich color, even within the subdued, dominantly tan setting, is essentially Kurdish.