13' 4" x 16' 4"
Circa 1880
Central Persia
Ref no. 1064
Mahal #1
Mahal - 13' 4" x 16' 4"
Antique Mahal’s are known for their large-scale designs of vines and palmettes. This exceptionally fine example, in contrast, has a precisely wrought ‘Herati’ design in soft pastel shades set against a warm ivory ground. Here the various floral elements, especially the curled ‘sickle’ palmettes, are arranged around a lattice of thin vines in repeating diamond configuration. Small triangular dark-ground corner pieces give the field an elongated octagonal shape. The palette and design texture of the corner pieces recur in the main border with its running palmette vinescroll. Smaller vinescroll minor borders flank the main one and reinforce its framing effect within the overall composition. The jewel-like precision of the design is matched and supported by the tight exacting weave.