11' 5" x 13' 5"
Circa 1880
West Anatolia
Ref no. 5364
Oushak #1
Oushak - 11' 5" x 13' 5"
The town of Oushak first emerged as a center for the production of Ottoman Turkish court carpets from the end of the fifteenth century. Like these forerunners, the antique Oushak carpets woven in Western Turkey in the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were produced to compete with the room-size carpets of Persia. They are famed for their lustrous wool, delicate colors, and bold, large-scale, crisply angular drawing. This charming example is no exception.

A scatter of large palmettes and viny branches in pale greens, golds, and ivory sprawls spontaneously across the delicate salmon ground. An arabesque vinescroll comprises the main border, reinforced by rosette minor borders for framing emphasis. Photography cannot do justice to the tactile and visual luxury of the silken Angora wool pile, which must be experienced firsthand to be appreciated.