10' x 13'
Circa 1900
North Persia
Ref no. 5361
Serapi #1
Serapi - 10' x 13'
Serapi carpets represent the very finest of the Heriz family of carpets produced in the Northwest of Persia. They have the same boldness of composition with its angular, geometric drawing sensibility. But the best Serapi carpets like this also possess a sense of finesse, control, and clarity that Heriz carpets sometimes lack. Here a grand central design of strident vines and palmettes combines to form a latent, medallion-like core that nonetheless allows the design to function as a centralized allover composition, avoiding the heavier effect of a true medallion. Additional vines and palmettes function in the same way to produce more subtle, latent corner pieces. The result is a lighter, more open composition that allows the lovely soft red of the field to shine through.

The monumental vinescroll main border set on a deep navy ground has a smaller, more compact design texture which, along with the blue coloration, provides the perfect balance and contrast to the grander, more open sweep of the field. As such this example epitomizes those qualities that give the best Serapi’s their distinctive attraction.