4' 7" x 5' 9"
Circa 1900
East Caucasus
Ref no. 931
Shirvan #1
Shirvan - 4' 7" x 5' 9"
Antique Shirvan rugs of the Caucasus are known to enthusiasts as small pieces with finely detailed allover repeat designs. Consequently, a Shirvan of this size with a medallion design is quite exceptional and clearly reflects the influence of Persian rug weaving to the south. The medallion is an oblong octagon comprised of multiple outlines with ruffled floral finials at the four cardinal points and a bustling array of tiny rosettes in its interior. Clusters of similar rosettes and palmettes hover above and below the medallion within an otherwise open field. Several minor geometric borders immediately enclose the field with a main border of repeating stylized trees set within a larger diamond network design. The dominant rich rust coloration recalls Turkoman rugs and carpets. From every perspective, this is an extraordinary piece in a class all its own.