Silk Heriz
4' 6" x 6' 2"
Circa 1870
Northwest Persia
Ref no. 1504
Silk Heriz #1
Silk Heriz - 4' 6" x 6' 2"
Antique Heriz wool carpets are renowned for their crisp, abstract geometric interpretation of classical Persian rug design. Heriz carpets woven in silk, however, are quite distinct and tend to preserve the fluid, sinuous arabesque detail of classical Persian prototypes, as this exquisite example does. Arabesque vine-scrolls and palmettes in ivory and shades of blue radiate outward from a central rosette against a rich red ground. These same elements repeat on a smaller scale in the main border, but set now against a navy ground in contrast to the field. Minor vinescroll borders in green-gold and blue reinforce the framing function of the main border with finely wrought detail. One must experience this carpet directly to appreciate the luxuriant texture and color of the sumptuous silk pile.