12' x 17' 2"
Circa 1880
Central Persia
Ref no. 26
Sultanabad #1
Sultanabad - 12' x 17' 2"
While Sultanabad carpets are generally known for their large palmette and vine-scroll patterns of Classical Persian derivation, this one is exceptional for the fine, small-scale, effect of the field design – an allover Herati pattern more typical of Bijars or Malayers. The general effect is mesh-like, providing an even blend of oranges, reds, and ivory over a barely discernible dark navy ground that silhouettes and accents the detail of the Herati design. The undulating vine-scroll main border works much like the field. Here it is distinguished from the field by a series of three minor borders to either side. It is unusual to see such miniature elegance of design in a carpet of this size.