9' 3" x 12' 3"
Circa 1880
Northwest Persia
Ref no. 85
Tabriz #1
Tabriz - 9' 3" x 12' 3"
This Tabriz is distinguished by the exceptional delicacy of the design and drawing, and by the subtle juxtapositions of soft color tones. Although the pattern is dense and filled to the brim with minor detail, the complexity is softly defined and so recedes into the background. An unusual feature, not typical of nineteenth century Persian carpets, is the extensive use of undulating green cloud band ornament in the red areas of the central medallion and in the red zone next to the ivory cornerpieces. This derives from classical Persian examples of the seventeenth century. It contrasts nicely with use of the flowery fillers in the ivory areas. The repeating alternation of ivory and red zones from the very center outward to the border evokes the effect of concentric ripples like those produced by a stone thrown into water.