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Gabellini Sheppard - Designers Studio Rugs | Warp & Weft NYC

Kimberly Sheppard and Michael Gabellini

Gabellini Sheppard Associates is an architectural and interior design studio that hones the interaction of light, space, and materials to create rich environments of discovery and spatial harmony. Founded in 1991, the studio has designed luxury environments in Europe, Asia, and North America, for projects of all scales and programming. Each of the firm’s environments is crafted as a framework to experience time, place, and emotion.

The design of the rugs themselves draws inspiration from nature, depicting the ephemeral beauty of water and atmospheric light. ‘The carpets in the ‘Aerial Series’ are meant to enrich their surrounding environments, and by extension, the lives of the residents of the spaces they inhabit,” shares Tomoko Hirose. Deceptively calm yet technically complex, the ‘Aerial Series’ evokes a sublime intrinsic beauty through the use of natural materials, form, and variegated texture.

“With this collaboration, we want the ‘Aerial Series’ to celebrate our common love for evocative imagery and natural forms,” says Gabellini. “Rugs are more than just functional; they bring life into a space by unifying the interior architecture and adding warmth, texture, and materiality. We want to provide carpets that will not only be beautiful but will encourage a deeper connection with the surrounding environment.”





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